Jog Training 4.9km Taman Melawati

Good day to all readers of, it seems that the day is drawing nearer for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 and this is when Daniel is practicing and running to get himself into shape for the upcoming 21km running event he registered. Aside from that, there’s the 15km  New Balance Pacesetters Run at Lake Gardens.

So here are the current track which he does train when he’s back early or on weekends with a rough total of 5km, google didn’t connect one of the roads. If not it’ll be about 4.9km. Currently map shows only 4.6km. This map is around Taman Melawati which is good for a run due to many trees around the area.

It was tiring but it sure makes me felt like I have done a great thing. My legs are aching after the run on Saturday and even though it’s only a test run, with a time of 32 minutes on a rough 5km track, it’s a start. Wonder whether I can actually break 60 minutes for a 10km run. My fastest so far is a 63 minutes on a 10km run.

Determined, I guessed with more training, it’s possible. Will be running again on Tuesday, anyone who’s staying there wanna run together? Will post upcoming results on this blog too, since it’s a personal one albeit a photo blog too.


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