Practice Run 5km Taman Melawati

Super tired. Super super tired. Why so tired? That’s why la~~~ Go to China, then come back then no train. Then after that just sit at home sleeping or watching tv or go online all the time. Then suddenly today in the morning around 7am go out jog non-stop for 5km. Anyone also will get tired by doing this!

Yes, that was what I did! I was woken up this morning by FireWire who came over to Taman Melawati to have a stamina training run non-stop. Well, for someone like me who does so little training before a run, I think it’s better someone to pace along with you. While jogging, I started to feel so ‘sam fu’/xing ku’ breathless and can’t really continue on. What is with all the uphill and downhill? But I persevered cause didn’t want to just give up halfway. Initial plan was to run 10km non-stop but seeing the bright sunshine came out (Woo hoo) I finally can rest and stopped at the 5km mark. Well, looks like a lot of training need to be done once again.

I still remembered my first run which was like March 2009 and I can’t even last 1km. We usually remember our first run. Of course not counting my Jogathon years in Secondary School. So what time did I get for this stamina jog?

5km – 37’06.56

5km route taman melawati

Darn slow. Here’s the route though for those who is interested to run along. Why not contact me at my email or use the contact form.

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