Tiring Adidas King Of The Road 2009

Just back from the Adidas 2009 King of The Road 22.7km run. To be enthusiastic, I think I am clueless as to why did I take up the 22.7km instead of the 10km one. I see so many hills on the first few kilometers that I was thinking this is just the beginning, get yourself pumped up so that I can better my time.

To think of it, even Kenny Sia ran faster than me towards the finish line. Warghhhhh~~~~~ but overall the run was good. Adidas gave me a great running vest, which is a bit orangy and yellow. I ate my first power gel and there are still lots of drinks at the water station. The problem is though, because of the first few “hilly tracks” I had a hard time following my friends who were there. I thought of going under 2′ 30′ 00′ only to get a timing of  2′ 40′ 02′. That’s like 10 minutes more than the desired timing that I was aiming for.

But I must thank for a certain time, it took me awhile to get used to the heavy breathing and suddenly started jogging momentumly and didn’t bothered about being faster than anyone. It seems that if I were to jog at a consistent pace, sooner or later those trying to outrun others either looses steam and then they proceed to walking and then suddenly I am ahead of them.

Here’s the scenario.

  1. Ah Tan (illustration purposes only) was running ahead of me, then suddenly started walking for a breather.
  2. Daniel consistently jogging and suddenly found himself cutting Ah Tan.
  3. Ah Tan after awhile suddenly run again and he was in front of me, for awhile until suddenly he started walking again in search for a breather.
  4. Daniel consistently jogging and then ahead of him again (tendency to rest was there)
  5. Ah Tan finally started running again and ahead of me (don’t know why he uses me as a benchmark, must be my bright yellow shoes)  and stop short a few steps ahead of me
  6. Daniel just jog and jog and jog and then finally after awhile Ah Tan was nowhere in sight.

Yellow Shoes

The scenario above happened somewhere around the 12km mark. What caught me going was to keep running and when I felt that there was pain near the foot, it blanks off my mind about my tiredness on my calf since I can only feel the pain on the top of my foot. This was what kept me going. I think I must be crazy finding delight in this pain that it got me jogging non-stop for at least 7 to 8 kilometers.

Overall, I guessed I am still satisfied with the 2′ 40′ 02 time I got though I tend to compare with the 21km KL Marathon which was 2′ 37′ 00 but after accessing it again, it’s because of the extra 1.7km that got me this timing.

After this run, I think I will be taking a break from running for awhile unless it’s a major event. (They give good running vest)

So What Did I Get Out From This Race?

Top quality vest. *Definitely One Of The Best*

Get to know more friends and the same uncle which I always met (at least now he remembers me). Yes, it’s this kind of event which helped you to make friends with anyone regardless age and gender.

Enthusiasm to better my time in the next race.

Build up a strong network of contacts and yes, to enjoy running and staying fit (darn tummy).

Since this year is my first year running, it will be a benchmark for the upcoming year and yes, that time I will better all my times of this year. ADIDAS King of The Road 2009 FTW.

Finally a stupid blister on my second toe (the only reason why my toe is painful right now).


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