Magic the Gathering (MTG) Seriously Not Time Wasting

Now looking back at how time passes it feels so fast and looking at that, I felt that just many years ago I was only a school boy, then a college boy. Though in all, it doesn’t stopped me from enjoying one of the most enjoyable games out there. It’s called Magic The Gathering or simply MTG. Well, for those that aren’t sure what I am talking about, just prepare to get a simple guide on what’s Magic the Gathering is all about. (On second thought maybe later…)

Magic the Gathering is a trading card game. One can also group it together with all the trading card games like Pokemon, Lord of the Rings and the rest, but what makes Magic the Gathering special is it’s a standalone trading card game which doesn’t start from a movie or a cartoon.

Cool Progenitus Altered Card MTG


What has MTG (Magic the Gathering) taught me?

Or rather what’s the purpose of playing this kind of game? Well, like every other game, interaction is definitely there. One can talk with other MTG enthusiasts (which the number is slowly dwindling in KL town). Unlike other card games, this game needs someone to have a good understanding of English to be able to read the complexity of some of the card rules. It’s not like a attack and destroy kind of game. It’s a mind compelling one.

Secondly, some people look at it as time wasting. Let me tell out a scenario.

A group of us are playing this game in a certain public location. Then suddenly one observer (an uncle) was looking at us. Here’s the dialogue.

Observer: Hello there, what is this?
WEIRD ONE: Oh it’s a trading card game.
Observer: Huh? Playing card games? I find it time wasting. Don’t you all have something else to do. *walks off*
WEIRD ONE: *pissed* oh sure….

The conversation stopped there, but let’s look at it further. The uncle or the observer was wondering why the heck were we wasting time on some trading card games. Well, the observer was someone I know so that’s why I was polite and never mentioned anything else. Just imagined your child or someone about my age, what is time wasting? Playing card games? How about those that goes to club? Sitting at home playing PS2, PS3 or PSP? Isn’t that time wasting? Kinda contradicting to the meaning of time wasting eh?

Even Chuck Norris has a say in Magic The Gathering

Now what’s a game? To interact with one another. The uncle plays badminton and knows all about game. One can say, instead of playing card games, why not do something else. For example badminton. Not against badminton or anything, but like MTG, badminton is also a game. Yes, one is way healthier as one gets to sweat, but it defeats the purpose when not everyone knows how to play those kind of game especially when playing with people who doesn’t do sports.

What game where you can learn English and play crazy funny combos or do funny deck stuffs, other than MTG. Okay, there are a lot out there but none as hype as MTG.

Somehow, I find that some older folks contradict themselves when they tell us younger folks that we’re wasting time playing games. I noticed that they themselves have been wasting more time with going to bar and drinking the whole night and getting a beer belly and then they tell people that plays trading card games wasting time. I wonder which one is more time wasting? So drinking and partying is not time wasting but playing card games is time wasting? What a funny world.

I wrote this article in a zest as I am just writing what I was thinking and it sure is a different flavor compared to the others. I’ve got nothing against people telling me it’s time wasting, but when I asked them, what do they do then when they are free? They’ll come out with lots of bullshit then. They’ll say sports (like one can do sports everyday) and others (but in fact they have so many wasted times)

For those that know me, I have eyes to observe and when I see a beer belly uncle telling me that, my mind has all the obvious words to shoot back. Well, maybe it’s a gift but yes, I used to study people back then and from their actions I tend to make assumptions which usually takes them aback. Kind of makes me a dangerous person to be with since I can derive things from something small. Darn, though I ain’t nowhere near a person as capable like Sherlock Holmes as depicted in the movie.

See Older Folks do enjoy the game

So MTG, really isn’t just a game. To me it’s just like a tool to get people together, to get to interact with one another. Then comes another question, since it’s to get people together why not use the internet? Well, internet lets one interact with one another but do you actually go out to meet with one another, and enjoy a game. Most I’ve seen are those planning for activities, then only people do come out or for some camwhore session which I blatantly stopped doing on gatherings and events since it defeats the purpose and I don’t want to own a DSLR to do camwhoring.(Kinda defeats the purpose of owning a DSLR…)

Then again, there might be other things that other people could mentioned either against me or with me. Well, it’s out to you to pour out your thoughts. Since Internet is free for all to say their thoughts and stuffs.

A word of advise, over indulgence in one thing is also not good though. So even if your kid or friend is taking up MTG because of what I mentioned earlier, then remember to tell them, not everyday is a MTG day. Remember to spend time with one’s family and have some chit chat and food session.

Remember games aren’t time wasting as long one doesn’t live only to play games all the time. Games are a source of stress reliever but over indulgence makes one a useless one. Peace out and yes, looks like the WEIRD ONE also has it’s serious side.


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