Considering My Options

Now that I think about it, I have been spending too much on my life with lots of unwanted spendings.

PS: Below is more of a serious note from the blogger. Proceed if you want to read about his serious personal life.

Well, not to say that I should not pamper myself at times to get stuffs that are interesting and fun to get but I think it is time to get into some serious planning into my daily finance and budget.

Saving Money in Jar

Those days I have been eating out and spending because of colleagues going out to eat at some fancy restaurant.

Ever since I came into a new environment I have now learned how to go back to how I used to when I was in college, I saved. So here is my long term plan.

Lunch RM3

Now imagine having RM3 lunch for 5 days per week, that would be RM15 and RM45 per month.

Now setting aside that, let’s say I do drive, RM200 – RM300 per month since now I take LRT to work.

New updates – Monthly Budget

Item Value (RM)
Lunch 45
LRT 100
Petrol 300
Other Commitments 1600
Other Expenses and Extras 500
Total 2545

Amazingly, counting the cost, that is how much I use in a month. All due to the commitments costing a bomb. I think maybe it is time for me to look at some of the commitments and try to device a plan to help myself to save more money in the coming future.

Some people said, you do not know the future, so why bother saving for something uncertain. Well, enjoy while you can but also learn to be a person.

Learning to be a person does not meant that you have to enjoy, feelings but there is also the practical aspect in all that. I shall try to minimize spending on stuffs that does not really benefit me much, for example my games on Magic the Gathering cards, mamak sessions (along with the MTG sessions) and also maybe some other things like having McDonald’s/KFC because your colleague wanted to go there.

no more mcdonald's for DanielCtw

Call me kiamsiap but I am not like those who earn big bucks. I shall also cut on my travel plans already. The travel is what took most of my revenue and cash I owned previous years.

I shall be on the reserved end. Sorry guys if I have to decline any invites from this day forward. I need to plan for my future.


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