My Package From USA

Coming home today, I noticed I finally got my package. Yes, they finally came from the United States of America (USA). Well, nothing to brag about if you’re an Ebay customer and user. Well, been buying stuffs online and trust me, most of them use postal services that don’t use stamp at all. Finally came one with a stamp.

Package from USA

Yes, there are 2 envelopes and the one in front is the one with a stamp from the States. Why am I so jolly happy? Was it the contents? Well, as can be seen from the stamping date, this mail was sent on the October 27th 2010 and it was received on the November 9th 2010. Nearly 2 weeks.

The reason I am so happy is actually because I can now add on a one more stamp into my stamp album. Seemingly, I used to collect stamps when they were the hype and when email wasn’t around. Yes, seriously I was that old, I only got to know about email when I was 15 years old and only started using them when I was 18 years old. Those days getting a computer was expensive and I only had a 20++kbps connection modem with me.

Stamp Collections

Imagine how precious they were, I have like a few stamp albums around and that is not counting those stamps that weren’t put into the album at all yet. If you happen to love stamps too and happen to know me, why not we have a short get together and talk about this old old hobby and also have a look at each others collection.

I am sure you’re eager to know what’s in the envelope. Well, there you have it.

MTG Survival of the Fittest & Black Knight Revised

An old school game which is still a hype amongst certain group of people. One thing is for sure, you definitely need to know your English language well.

You must be wondering how much does this cards cost? Here’s the breakthrough.

Survival of the Fittest cost USD40.
Black Knight‘s cost though can be ignored for collection purpose.

Still clueless? It’s Magic The Gathering card game. To know more about this game, you may visit Wizards Official Website on Magic The Gathering.


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