Baby Gathering Visitation


This is a once in a year visitation that’s being done annually. Well, it’s like a gathering of old friends from the day of college years up till now. Can’t believe it that it’s around 6 years since we all first had our gatherings in college times. Well, also many things have happened, even one of them, Yoke Lin was married and that’s why we’re paying a visit to her house. Her second child was borned somewhere this year (or maybe last year).

The baby boy was sleeping peacefully while we were visiting them. Haha… look how cute.

Baby Photo

Didn’t on the flash. I am scared the baby will cry if I do that. Well, well, the pictures not that clear but you’ll see it better later. Well, of course being Chinese New Year that time, we also do a seasoned thing we always do each year, that’s right. Card games. BlackJack anyone. I think I lost money this year. Lucky these people are small players. Though I miss playing big.

Card Game

Well, but then that’s not the point. If you’re gathering, the whole thing is to have fun and rekindle the lost friendship and strengthen that bond. Well, I must say, more trips are being planned with plans to go up to Sungkai, Penang and other places. Though some thought of going to other countries overseas. I am sure most of you are curious who are these people, well, they’re mostly the same group that went to Sunway Pyramid a few months back. TA DAHHHH….

Gathering in the House

Haha!!! Look at the baby, cute right? So naughty and cheeky. Some of the people here need no introduction. I am sure the one with the white t-shirt on the right is someone recognizable eh.. Well, in the end, around 6pm, all of us have to bid farewell to the mother of the baby and her family and off we go for our dinner. Here’s a sneak preview!!

Food Gathering

I am missing from the photos. Noooooo…. can’t be, but then I think most of you readers are a bit sick of seeing me all the time right. T_T Well, anyway, guess where we were. A hint of a clue : We’re in somewhere in Puchong. No other spoilers as that will make my options bigger. Now anyone see anyone you fancy, drop me a message and I’ll see to it. Hehehehe.. one thing sad for this photo is I need a speedflash for my camera. I am vying for the SB-800 Nokia Speedlight.

But all these activity will be overshadowed with the next destination that we went after that. Now where were we? Take a guess, the winner will win… the others. LOL

Ngau Che Sui

Where Is This? Coming up NEXT!!!

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