Gathering in Daphne’s House

A few weeks back, there was a simple gathering, a gathering which was to welcome the arrival of both Sae Wei and Wendy to Kuala Lumpur be it for their permanent stay or just for an internship stay. So a simple gathering was done in the host house, Daphne.

It feels kind of like we’ve known each other for at least a year plus and a lot of things have happened. It’s really an amazing life at least I don’t waste my life sitting in front of the PC all the time and not getting to know people. Life is amazing am I right? Where you get to mingle around with people and do all those interesting and crazy things.

Pole Pose

Well, when I say crazy it can also mean a simple pole dance *ahaha like what I do with the coconut tree* or just a simple pillar. Well, sometimes these skills get transferred to your friends and you have a whole new dancing fever on.

The Girls In The Gathering

Of course, being with these people let’s us play around with our creativity. Darn, I know the photos are not as nice due to the direct flash… ehhh.. off track.

But heck, how can a group of us just meet up. Those days in IRC and ICQ, it was considered a dangerous thing to go meet up with your online friends. Nowadays it gets too common that friendship really starts online with almost every household children on the internet. Though I missed those congkak, tingting gajah and layang-layang days.

Camwhore In the House

I guessed it’s all part of the gang being together. 🙂 Don’t we all just love making friends.


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