Sushi King Gathering Lowyat

A rather late post but then it’s worth mentioning, since it’s been awhile since I last met my college mates and what a better place to hold a mini gathering than at Kuala Lumpur. Though the place we had lunch gathering was at Sushi King. Hmm… why Sushi King? Place to chat and eat Japanese food. Ha Ha… and I was just after my Japanese class too.

Sushi King Ala Carte

Well surprisingly, no one was interested in the sushi though. Well, maybe the next time. But what I meant by next time, I am sure some of you have heard about the cheap sushi promotion once again which is on the Monday 13 October, 2008 – Thursday 16 October, 2008.

Sushi King College Mates Gathering

Surprisingly after counting the years… it really was a long long time. I haven’t seen them since my Advance Diploma years which is like 6 years ago? A small group indeed but I guessed we can all say what a great year ahead of us too, with each of us doing our own seperate stuffs in our career and how we progress during our lifetime.

Here’s to the friends, may we strive for what we aim to seek.

ps : By the way I was away for the weekend and where did I go? That’s for you to find out in upcoming posts.

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