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After what seemed to be at least 2 months of no running, I realized it’s time to get back into the habit. Especially when during this time around it’s toward the year end. Presumably, it’s been just a few days back I was just back from my tiring and awesome trip in Tibet, so what should I say. I lost about 5kg in just those 25 days and I’ll be aiming to get back into shape.

Looks like more protein shake for me. Those who have been following knows that I’ve started running marathon this year, and indeed I won’t stop until I achieved a certain position. It all began on my first run which was at the Wild Wild Run in Zoo Negara.

Tired Face of Daniel in Wild Wild Run 2009

Seriously in this photo, I look like SHIT. I am super pale and was wondering why did I take up such a sport? I was torturing myself and after finishing the race, realized that I was the last person in my category to finish it (not counting the small young boy participating with his dad). So it sort of demoralize me at that time. Though crossing the finish line and met up with someone whom I have known since the forum days was a little bit encouraging.

Wild Wild Run 2009 Finish Line

The sweat all over my t-shirt. Haven’t had a running vest then. At least Vin was there and from then on, I thought there was no turning back. I have to at least don’t get last in a race. The never say die attitude of me is starting to come out. After little practice and stuffs, I decided to start running other running events, which a few notable ones was the BHP Orange Run which I did a better time than the Wild Wild Run by a mere 10 minutes. Notably, those runs were all within the 10km mark.

Finally after what seem to be an ultimate decision came to follow with the introduction of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, with the PaceSetters organizing a pre-marathon training run in the night at Bukit Jalil Park. This time it’s the start of my first 20km run. I would have thought it was easy until I started running this. It’s a painful experience.

Night Run For Daniel

One thing though. This time I have my own vest and a running shoe. At least now I don’t look like shit and not as painful as when I first ran. Muscles start to bulge at the right places and though not as fit yet, starting to train on my own, lifting weights and stuffs. All because I wanted to run in the KL Half Marathon.

Daniel in KL Marathon 2009

Finally after what seemed like a long wait, it’s time for the KL Half Marathon and this time looking so much different than my previous figures and size, I have what you see a running type of body. I am still training to get to the optimum and hopefully in the coming years, will be running actively. Seeing I am just back from Tibet and in this year, I won’t be taking part in any running competition until the start of next year. More to training and building up stamina. Decided to come in with a bang and to prove something to everyone out there.

So when will my first race be? It will be the Saucony Pacemakers Network Run 2010 to be held on the 1st January 2010. What a way to start the NEW YEAR.

ps: Looks like no New Year 2010 Count Down for me


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