Jogging Training For Wild Wild Run

It’s now Wednesday, and that means another 4 days before the Wild Wild Run at Zoo Negara. It looks like only 4 more days more to train, alright another 3 more days to train my jogging style before the final rest day. For someone like me who hasn’t been exercising for a long time, it looks like back to basics once again to keep myself fit. I am glad I took up this run, at least it forces me to start exercising than to just sit down on the chair working and eating and sleeping which I usually do.

So on with the power bar, protein shake and any source of protein to beef myself up. A few cans of 100 Plus will greatly help at times. Well, this reminds me of the time when Kenny Sia was taking part in the Penang Bridge Marathon, which I will one day would love to run. Well, if you would love to take part in the Penang Bridge Marathon 2009 , you can do so on 6th March 2009 for the early bird registration.

Kenny Sia and Daniel Chew

But Kenny Sia is Kenny Sia, Daniel Chew is Daniel Chew. He is of a shape, I am of a…. of a not in shape. Even though we share the same age. Darn….

Jogging is Jogging Like You Never Used To

The things one do to get in shape and physique just so that I don’t embarrass myself in front of the others. One thing I found out when doing long distance running or jogging is that I will be wearing very short shorts and running shoes and perhaps just the singlet. Go in light condition and come out a victor.

Jogging Wild Wild Run Finishers Medal
Finisher Medal Other View

Now to finish the race in the maximum of 1.5 hours with a distance covering about 9.25km (1.85km x 5) will be very hard on some people, but if there’s the spirit to do it I think one can. Though I already spent 2km of jogging today and I was practically exhausted. Darn…. looks like more weight training for me to do tomorrow.

As of now more updates on it are on this site and if any of you want to show some support, come join in the fun. Or rather let’s have some look around the zoo shortly afterwards. I shall retire now with a goal in mind.


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