5 Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pains are very common, and anyone can experience them and at any age, which is why we are looking at some of the common causes of back pain. Most people experience back pain due to straining their backs or, worse, a more serious health condition. While some back pains may be relieved by painkillers and remaining active, you may have to see a doctor in other cases. Here are some causes of most back pain.

The Common Causes of Back Pain

Poor Posture

Many people do not realize that a bad posture can affect their backs until they start having back pain. Failure to support yourself when working on your laptop or doing other activities can cause pain. This is due to the weight on your spine being distributed unevenly. This causes your back tissues, discs, and joints to be strained, and when they cannot take it anymore, the pains develop. It is crucial to develop good posture habits to save your back unnecessary pain.

Poor sleeping habits can also cause back pain. In some cases, this could be unavoidable, especially if you have a frozen shoulder. If you have this condition, consider visiting a specialist to have your shoulder checked and learn more about the condition.

There are lots of posture correction support available. Of course, for those who are so used to bad posture, it’s never that easy to change, but it’s still doable.


Car accidents or other forms of accidents can cause fractures to your spine, which may cause severe back pain. Spinal injuries and fractures can be fatal. This is why if you are involved in an auto accident or fall and hurt your back, you should have it checked by a doctor to address the problem before it deteriorates, causing other complications.


 Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are likely to experience back pain. The pain emerges when the immune system attacks the joints in your spine. If you have RA and you are experiencing back pain, it is crucial for you to see your doctor, who will know how best to treat it or ways of relieving the pain. Arthritis pain can be maddening. To efficiently manage the pain visit http://totalcaremanagement.ca/ for better care.


A back spasm is a situation where your muscles contract and tightens involuntarily. Spasms occur when your muscles and tendons sustain injuries or overuse. This can be experienced, especially when weight lifting, exercising, or sporting. 

Never ever ignore spasms that occurred during weight lifting, and continue to work out after a spasm will incur further damage to the muscle. I believe this one is one of the major common causes of back pain amongst sport people.

common causes of back pain too tired


Osteoporosis is another factor that can cause back pain. It weakens the bones and makes them brittle to the extent that they can sustain fractures from even slight stress or injury. This leaves your body so fragile that even doing normal activities may prove difficult and fatal.

Who Is At Risk Of Having Back Pain?

Anyone can get back pain, but some people are more likely to experience them than others. Here are some risk factors.

  • Pregnancy
  • Occupation
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Obesity or overweight
  • Smoking
  • Failure to exercise
  • Underlying conditions such as sciatica and kidney infections

As much as you want to use the internet to learn more about what could be triggering your back pain, it is also important to have it checked by a doctor. Most back pains are not life-threatening and go away with time hence no need to be anxious or tensed about it. If it does not go away even after using pain relief meds, it might be the time to have it checked by a professional.

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