Loss For Words

Guys will be guys and girls will be girls. No matter how different one looks and how different they are from their own same genus and species, the traits are still there. People go thru many trials and tribulations being hard on themselves. Sometimes assumption plays a dangerous part in one’s life, always thinking that it is what other people thought they were thinking. Some people learn it the hard way. Some people have previous past experiences to understand the meaning of it. Loss for words??

This being said, it’s just like the day when there were crossroads in everyone of our lifes. Stuck in the middle with choices to make, just a different route will make you wonder, make you fall or make you rise. Some might reach their destiny, some still searching for the right road to take. Some not even reaching the crossroads, they go blindly.

Flower Confuse

In all things there are problems along the way, some problems come one after another, like it will never end. Some of them come all at once, some come after you’ve sort of dissolve the previous problem. Life can never be that easy, as smooth sailing as ever, but a solution is just a temporary shortcut out of a problem, as no one ever has zero problems in life, even with a solution. It’s the same ever even for a programmer in terms of logical explanation. A problem solved might eventually evolve another problem from a different section.

So how does one go about it? Do they take in their stride to solve problems after problems or just let the problems gather and find a whole solution for it or just pretend the problem wasn’t there only for it to come at a wrong time and to finally find the solution. This question bares through all minds and people.

Dog Bowl

The world would be like a robot if all solutions are just so simple. Is like I can just answer yes or no. But if all is simple, where’s the free will, where’s the competition? How can men/women better themselves. Humans are different, they have the mind to compete, to excel, to strive to achieve.

I’ve rambled on too much, at times I just don’t know what I am typing. These somehow brings me back to the time when I used to do this many months back and even years.


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