Worst BGR Scenario

Love TriangleI was having a chat today with a female friend of mine. Well, actually I have actually talked to lots of my friends who are female. Anyway here’s one of the topic.

Imagine this! Guys pay attention to this too. It might give you some tips.

Most girls love to be chased. Yes… even the guys too. Well, we all have our happiness and glad that we are still attractive to the opposite sex. Who wouldn’t?? duh…. But just so that we can understand where this situation is going into, now take the likeliest scenario. The girl has a boyfriend! No matter a boyfriend or not, feeling of someone being attracted to you is really a great feeling. Yes, no matter how. I say usually and majority doesn’t mean all ok.. so don’t bombard me with crappy hate reasons. But if you wanted to, go anonymous. LOL!!

Now what does the guy do then? Well, seeing that this is rather a double edged sword, who knows, just join in the perception. The guy gets close to the girl, the girl is now caught in a situation where Oh My this guy is so loving, if only I have met him earlier before my bf. STOP!!! See the scenario here! If only!!! IF ONLY!! Yes, that’s what every people dream, IF ONLY! But if you think of it further,who will suffer? The gal or the guy?

Let me rephrase that, the gal who is stuck in the middle and with all her What Ifs or the guy who has decided to try his luck and might be wasted upon knowing the girl has played him out or either gets his wish! Basically I will call it a win-lose situation or a lose-lose situation. No way for a win-win! Why do I say that? This is where you people’s thoughts come in!

Who do you think suffer the most? The girl or the guy? Short Form : A Love Triangle!

ps : Anyway this is just some random thought coming from this weird thinking guy, so this scenario is not likely to be me okay!! I think randomly, just look at my other posts under Serious Talk!


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