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Waiting in the centre of all things that are happening. We just don’t get why do people tell me that sometimes what I type on the topic can really confuse some of them. Well maybe it’s due to my weird understanding of things and the things I like to listen and understand about.

Well, most people have the simple perception of what things happen and just take it as it is. Well, for me I perceive and usually try to look at things in a different perspective. You see, I am more of an observer. Just a few days ago, I was having lunch in this shop, Tung Jing restaurant which sells the “sui gao tomyam noodle” and people are just like thinking about food and wondering when’s the food coming right up.

Well, now not that I don’t think about food too. I do too, but my eyes will start to wander about and look at the surroundings of the shop. Not only I surprised myself, I was trying to look for some characteristics of the shop owner itself. Well come to think of it, I saw a few posters on dogs and some dogs doll. Well, that explains the owner either love dogs so much or maybe the daughter loves them. Well, anyway this is just a simple perception. I love to derive something from something simple.

Recently I’ve been looking at human behaviors too. Seeing how they talk reflects the people they used to mix with and sometimes get to know about their background. Well but then, I guessed I am one of those exceptional case. I am a two-face, so people find it very hard to derive what I am. Forgive me then. Sometimes in the office I go looking at the structure of the cubicles and the paintings, it’s kinda weird.. yes i know, but that’s how one can understand that either that person believes in feng shui or just got a good designer to design their layout.

Hmm… observation skills sometimes kill you. Why is that so? Well, sometimes you observe too much, you don’t want to face the reality and sometimes you tend to look at negativity of it. So, tell me… if I am looking everything like this as much as I look in a possible relationship, do you think I myself might survive? It’s hard… really hard.

Some people just tell me. Live life simple. I prefer the sound of take everything positive but understand what are the negatives! Don’t you agree??


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