Complicated Relationship

Life is not simple. It’s complicated. Even in a relationship, be it with friends, families and love ones. Even with pets. That means, it’s all a complicated relationship. Well, I am talking about owner to pet relationship not those beastiality stuffs (ish ish..).

Anyway, well, sometimes it’s complicated that it’ll end up like a crossroad, and it’s just like a traffic jam. All wanted to divert another place and they’re just stuck in the middle not knowing where to go. Decisions need to be made, and consequences need to be endured.


Should You Have a Complicated Relationship?

Relationship is never an easy thing. It’s always the beginning of an adventure as would one have when they first embark their journey from a small little baby to a young kid studying in elementary school.

Yes, it’s a life journey. Also being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’ve already accomplished your goals and end at that.

Complicated Relationship Daniel Chew with Kadazan Girl

It’s more like you’ve started the race, just how you want to end the race? It’s either one finish it, or fall flat on their belly halfway through or some even worst, get injured and fall off just when they are reaching the finish line. I have an analogy on race tracks. But it really does fit in with this relationship thingy.

That is why I say a complicated relationship is not easily understood, even for this writer.

Well, but not all relationships are 100m race like, some are bumpier and that’s why there’s this hurdle race where one needs to jump over obstacles to reach their finish line. Let’s face it, if all relationships are just as easy as the 100m race track, the world would be a better place. Can you jump over the obstacle?

Well, on a relationship, sometimes these hurdle are there to help us grow. Well, like someone said, in every race, there’s always someone cheering you, wishing you that you’ll be able to succeed. Now, do you have that someone in your life to do that? If you have maybe then you would have to figure out if you’re attracted to that person. Of course, that will be another topic for the future.

running mark

So if you so so don’t understand my complicated weird mind of Daniel, welcome to my topic. I love writing this articles once a while apart from my daily life travelings. Well, I am sort of melancholic, so I think of weird analogies with my topics too. I do hope that if you need a review on certain topics and want me to write on it, you can email to my email address above.

At least, you’ll get to share your views and concerns and I get to write a whole new subject.


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