Not Easy Being Romantic

Romantic MomentsYes, it’s me again and my controversial post about relationships. Well, you know that I like to talk about this stuffs and giving my opinions on the term relationship, but I really don’t know why some people like to instead say i was the one involved.

You know, sometimes being in love is not really hard, the problem comes when you try to be romantic. Yes, many couples have different meanings of being romantic and girls especially *psstt.. don’t kill me just yet, read on…* This is because most girls read novels and most of them are love novels. It’s evident even when I was studying in high school, some of them bring these novels to school and read them. To me, I think it’s their fantasy trying to be swept off their feet.

I am now trying to tell you being romantic doesn’t need to be practiced. It should come natural. Well, but because not everyone is a natural, I can give you some pointers that I got from eHarmony, which is an online dating site or from any other sites, but of course some of you would rather me telling you more from my personal point of view. Just a point I should point out, basically for guys, don’t get pressured at seeing what other people can do. Just be yourself and most importantly be a gentleman. DON’T go rehearsing Shakespeare poems to present when you can’t and do the extreme if you can’t afford it. It’ll be romantic to do it at least once, but by then you’ll be thinking of what other romantic stuffs to do, instead of being your natural self. If you don’t believe me, you just have to see for yourself.

If you’re just trying to be romantic to be in a relationship, you’re doing it all for the wrong purpose. This is what I call romance should not be taken lightly. Maybe due to my analysis, girls would love surprises from their boyfriends out of the blue, but constantly doing it, bores them. Well, not to say you should stop but it’s good to let them treasure the romantic feel for a longer time before the guy give them another romantic feel. Sometimes little stuffs, like buying flowers, that’s all it takes. Trust me, girls love flowers, even a single stalk sometimes can mean so much. *hint hint*

Well, basically this is just my personal opinion, well, you can give me more opinions and girls you can have your definition of romantic, maybe let the guys pick up a point or two. Well, we learn by doing this, so what say you all?

ps : By the way, upcoming post!! Sneak Preview!!

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