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It’s time for another serious talk article. Well, not that I am not serious in my previous other posts, but sometimes it pays to be serious and to understand what other people say about it. So I hope that you all can help me in my research.

This time in the eye of BGR problems, we can look into the potential of how religion can affect ones potential relationship. Well, one wonders, how can this affect anything at all. So let me play a few possible scenario.

Scenario 1
Boy meets girl. Boy is Christian and girl is Buddhist. Both are strong in their beliefs but both fell in love with each another along the ways of college and stuffs. Then when both started working, here comes the hard part. Both of them wanted to get married, but due to their different religion beliefs, both wanted to stay true to their religion. Unless one of them give in, then it’ll be perfectly ok rite??? I doubt it, religion plays a strong role in a relationship! What say you?

Scenario 2
Now continue from the previous scenario, let’s say if both of them don’t mind being in 2 different religion and decided that it’s alright to get married and maybe live happily ever after. Now this part is where most people have some thing to ponder about. Both boy and girl had a child and the child is now growing . Being brought up from a devout Christian family, boy wanted to bring child to church but due to opposing beliefs, both had a dispute over it due to the different religious responsibilities. Complicated?

Before I go on, here’s some insight, both are strong believers in their own faith. Of course both insist that each one of their religion is the right path to follow. With this tussle going on, do you think religion should be in the way of a relationship or perhaps one should plan whether is there any conflict of interest in terms of religion.

Hmm.. alright I guessed I am thinking too much again!! Hahaha!! This topic was thought out in random while I was on my way driving. Ya, imagine that, wonder what kind of revelation comes to my mind. Sometimes it’s good to hear people’s thought about it. Oh, if you’re still clueless of this topic called, is called inter-faith relationship problems.


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