Are you Satisfied with Life?

Weird don’t you think so? In life, we are never satisfied. Many people have asked me why do I travel? Well there are many reasons but one of the reason is that I want to satisfy my life by traveling and seeing the world.

Well foolish answer but if you were to ponder about it, our life on earth is short and sometimes no matter how rich or poor, human lifes are so fragile they can just disappear the following day. Of course with that being said, do you think that money is required for a person? Are you satisfied with your current earnings?

You know, other than for earthly wants, money is never enough. Many times I myself wished I had the cash as much as someone so I could spend on something in the coming future. Trust me, when you have that much, you would want even more.

Daniel Thinks Aloud

In these day and times, never believe when a girl says to a guy that my love for you is worth more when that guy is earning peanuts. Times has changed. Well, it’ll be alright when both are still in school but these thoughts are now the sayings of the long time generation. Ask any new relationship whether their relationship can survive without money, they might defend their stand that it can. As time goes by, if the male species doesn’t work hard enough and contented with the measly amount he earns, soon the troubles will start. Money now governs a persons love relationship.

Something practical then, ask a girl to choose between 2 guys. Say 20+ of age and 2 normal looking guys. Both have almost the same characteristics she is looking for, but one earns more. Instinct? Survival of the fittest? You decide. Cruel world? Then work harder. Every guy is supposed to be driven with the push to be successful. Well or rather to earn more. On a sidenote maybe that’s why the male species die faster. Of course sometimes this doesn’t apply. Some parents has the mum working and earning more than dad. Well, of course during courtship though, the guy is by anyhow needs to be able to spend.


Funny right, this topic coming from me. Reason is because I’ve seen many relationships failed because of this cause. The guy always thought that when the girl says she will stick to him even he earns little is real. Plssssss….. how will the girl depend on you in the future? Always contented?

Ps: wrote this during my free time in the hotel room. So I didn’t get the chance to reread the whole thing again. Also i’ll be back kl on Monday. Take care people.


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