Random Type

Sometimes whenever I type something without thinking I’ll be like typing with any words that comes into my mind. It’s like a revelation. You’ll never know what you’re really typing until you read it once again.

I have this knack for simply typing and typing and sometimes the story just join together. I guessed that’s just the way how I survived for my SPM and PMR too. The composition exam was done like that for many times.

Being in this situation, it’s not easy having to contain the way how people thinks out aloud. Thus, I sometimes don’t know whether this post brings any meaning. Well, it’s good also so I can amazed myself too.

So if you think I like nothing much to write but to write this post, you’re not totally wrong! Cause sometimes I don’t know what am I writing! But then maybe this will get you or yourself confused as trying to understand this piece of writing. Well the world is out there for everyone to explore and for this reason, it’s not like the end of the world! So stay peace bro.

Ok let me read back my post again. Hopefully it makes sense to me now!!!



  1. huei August 8, 2007
  2. fuizaibing August 8, 2007

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