Christmas Season

I am in North Pole. LOL. I mean a North Pole in Malaysia. What do I mean by that?

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Welcome to North Pole

Like the picture said, welcome to the North Pole. hehehe… before you go on, can you guess where’ s this? 3… 2…. 1…. ok what about other clues???


Here’s another clue. Yes, it’s the mummy statue. Now one never knows what one will find when they are exploring. A group of us went exploring and guess where we landed up to..

Santa Village

Santa Village, so let’s visit it for awhile. Though there wasn’t any Christmas mood yet. Must be because it’s so artificial, nothing to brighten up the mood. But wait wait… something else did happened!! It snowed!! Wheee~~~~

Snowing in the mall

It can’t be!!! It’s snowing!! Whee~~~ now that the mood is set right!! Let’s enjoy camwhoring with everyone else!!

Happy Snowing
From left : Oon, Wing, Jimmy, YL, Ichitaka, Sam, Mouse

Snowing~~~ and guessed what!! The environment’s right! The mood is right!! the caption above is right!! Ehhh.. wrong… Let yours kids stay active and alert!! This is really funny!

But where the heck I am? Well, of course, in this sorta mood, I don’t wanna feel left out too. So here comes the Christmas Family photo. Guessed Christmas is really near, and it’s just a month away!

Christmas Family
From left : Oon, YL, Ichitaka, Mouse, Jimmy, Wing, errr… me!!

So there you have it!! For those of you who still don’t know where this place is, go visit Sunway Pyramid! Take your cameras and shoot it right away!!

Basically we were all there to celebrate Ichitaka’s upcoming birthday! Well, what did we do next??


Stay Tune!!!!


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