Memories of Last Day in College

It seems just as if it was yesterday, when suddenly after the final paper, a whole bunch of us grew crazy and enjoyed what seems to be the likelihood of joining the working world (though now I wished I was studying)… darn…….. Well, it was fun looking back at how young and naive <— haha.. but well, we have our share of fun of cutting classes, go karaoke after classes and even having LAN gatherings to play online games together when we’re supposed to do group study together.

Those, those were the days. I wished… but well, let’s look forward to a new life.. (ya rite…… ). With all the work here and daily life routine is fixed from 9am to 5pm or 6pm. It’s like the only rest day is Saturday, which Sunday is church day.

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Those days all I cared ever was to go to college, finished coursework or find answers to assignments, share answers.. hehehe.. and also to see when is the next gathering. It was all very spontaneous, finding your peers there and knowing that it was so much fun being able to errr… “kap lui“. LOL

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So far so good, I’ve only got in touch with a few of my peers in college, that the most frequent met one used to work in the same company. They are my Ragnarok Online mates, always waiting for the next MVP and when’s the next drinking session. Hmm… days of overnight at houses just to finished that last minute assignment is still ever fresh.

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So for those still studying, cherish the time you have with your college friends or your university friends, cause you know that after you all gone into the working life, it’ll be such a different situation, you think you didn’t enjoy much during your study time.

Well, take it from this someone who has already left college about more than 5 years already. Yes.. yes… I know some of you will say I am old… but that’s too bad 😛

It’s 1:39am and I shall be going to bed. It’s seriously going to kill me slowly if I don’t have enough sleep. Till then, the upcoming fireworks will be up.


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