Ragnarok Online is Back?

Browsing thru old game shots that danielctw used to play!!
Into this week, so many many many more work to do. Like the work never ending one. Finished a few then suddenly come in a lot more. I’ve been like nearly 5 working days going back at 11pm or 12am. That’s so err… abnormal. *btw abnormal & weird is not the same meaning*

RO Guild War
Ragnarok Online Guild War OMG those times in Syn`

Thinking back, I was amazed during my college years where I took a lot of my classes easy. I mean, exams I don’t really need to study. Is like everything’s on my fingertips. I can just write my way through exams. Even my Final Year Project doesn’t really bother me much except the documentation. So called smart la… but then still got people better than me lor..

Imagine this, on the day of exams where the exam is in the afternoon 2pm, I first first get up early to go to cyber cafe for a game of Ragnarok Online. (those times I no broadband, and a little bit addicted to RO when it first came up). Haha.. I played until 11am, then only leave to college. Crazy like exams are nothing. Well, I really think that if you’re practical in the things you do, why worry about exams. What you know by doing it practically, exams are just cheapos.

MVP Amon Ra
Those times too many bots. So I just go MVP here… =P

So then it was like 4 years ago. Guess I’ve now way past those times. Haihz… makes me feel so old only. ish ish… Then suddenly I heard from one of my friends that Ragnarok Online came out with an official free server. Alamak!! I still remember those times when it was first free, I’ve on like 11 bots on my laptop. Imagine on 11 bots on a 256 DDR!! Haha.. now I don’t know whether want to play RO or not again! But I really miss those funny screenshots with my group of online friends. Sometimes going out for yum cha, but the only thing we usually talk about is the guild war and MVP-ing. Those times were really funny. hehe… well we were all young once, thus we should cherished the moment that time.

No matter if it is sad or a happy time, things past and some are sweet memories which we long to keep, while some are not sweet but we learn from the past.


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