Goodbye 2007 Welcome 2008

Year 2008 is finally arriving. Well, come to think of it, 2007 was a different thing for me altogether. Lots of ups and downs and improvements. Even this domain name was bought on this very year, after I decided to switch from my blogspot to a domain name. Well, I am glad I finally shifted to a domain. Now how can I summarize my 2007.

This was the year I stopped gym and got myself being lazy or maybe cause I am very much glued to the computer screen. Well, this year, get to meet with the shouters in Penang, and other bloggers which I thought I wouldn’t meet.

Previously when I was writing my blog, I usually don’t post my photos and always remain anonymous, thus no one really know how I look like. But then all this change after the meetup with few bloggers. Well, that’s how I learnt the camwhore addiction from them.

This was the year when I first started taking part in ads, like Nuffnang. Well, it was the event organized by Nuffnang that I got to know other bloggers too.

What I Like Best This Year?

This year was also a traveling period for me. The most memorable one was the trip to Perth with my ex-company. I mean, I used to dream of being able to go traveling just like that, and yes, I get to meet another shouter and my ćŠčćŠč in Perth .

I was also glad I can meet my ćŠčćŠč mei mei, Puresky (Phoebe) in Perth too. Heard she will be in KL for the month of January or December. All in all, this year I really met a lot of people. Yes, traveling is the still the most I did this year. Hopefully next year too. With trips like Redang Island, Bali, Mt Kinabalu and maybe overseas trip to China coming right up, it’s really a wait.

Changes This Year?

I guessed one of the few changes this year that had really affected me was when I shifted from my company. I do miss my ex-colleagues but as life has it’s way of saying it, life must go on to achieve greater heights.

Another impact would be that this year was when I really took blogging seriously. Previously all my blogs are more for the fun factor with no aim. It’s a wonder how many domains I have bought this year. Well, just hope the income comes in though. I guessed I said enough for this year. What about next year?


Yes, year 2008 is around the corner, what should I look forward to? Well, my main aim is to be somewhat a celebrity blogger(hahaha), but I think one of them is to build my physique into something bigger. I know mine’s genetic, so it’ll take time. Well, of course I want a better physique so I can get ready for the upcoming Bali or Redang trip. Hehehehe…

Another thing is to learn up as much of my knowledge in Information Technology and brush up on my codes. Guessed this is one of the rare times I write a long one. It’s been awhile since I wrote something ‘article’ like. Got to go now, I am still in the office!

Of course finally, I wished I get more visitors and also higher band ads from Nuffnang. 😛


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