Taiping Gardens Improvement

I must think that our current tourism industry after the year 2007, something now must be done. Well, I am saying so because just have a look at the so called hanging gardens or lake of Taiping which I visited a year ago. Well, so to say it’s famous for it’s trees, but just look at it from my perspective on the day I went for the Visit Malaysia Truly Asia 2007.

Taiping Garden

The landscape need some fixing. The earth is corroding and it’s not really like some place impressive which I think I will visit if I see it from the Internet, though of course with a few tweaking here and there, it looks perfectly alright. But I must say, that one of the most well to do landscaping done on a commercial area is in Genting Highlands. Yes, the recent trip I went up with the Shouters.

Genting Garden

Now imagine this, which one would look better. I think Taiping garden can do some changes. Too bad TruGreen only does for states in the US. The whole thing in Malaysia is like a different ball game altogether. Well, don’t believe me then have a look at the photo below.

TruGreen's Design

I drool over this photo, seems like a good shot, if only I took some shots like these when I was in Perth Australia. Now I missed going for overseas trip. More photography shots need to be taken. Arghhhh…

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