Page Rank Updated Again

Looks like Google has done their PR ranking again! With most sites and blogs suffering from the loss of Page Rank on the last few days, some blogs from N/A status went up in the Page Rank.

The funny thing is that, it seems that google is doing their implementation stage by stage. Previously when I last checked my blog for it’s PageRank, it was in N/A and the blogspot blog which I am still actively updating, has dropped from PR3 to PR2 that time.

After like 3 days of the last recent update, here I am check my domain name and it looks like I have gotten a PR3 for this blog instead. Now this is indeed a wonder. Finally I’ve got a PR rank for my domain name. Well, Google though has done some nasty work on the algorithm and I am pretty sure it will take some time to know the true response of what is really happening.

From what I can see is that backlinks really doesn’t play a role in getting more PR, or rather you need even more backlinks plus relevant topics on certain issues to be getting a better page rank.

Anyway will be looking forward to anything new on page ranking. Anymore updates I will try to get it and talk about it.

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  1. Bengbeng October 27, 2007

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