Perth I – Cloud

“Feast Your Eyes On Sceneries” – Daniel

What do you do when you’re in a foreign country. You take pictures by theme. Hmm… well, knowingly who wants to see my face on photos, so I am just gonna put one. HAHAHA!!!

Daniel In Perth Town Near Swan Lake

But then I am not gonna let you see only my camwhore photos. It will be bored. Some people like sceneries, some people like other shots. Well, then I bring to you this theme, Clouds!! Whee~~~~ yes… clouds with tad bit scenery

Perth Mini Island View

Look it’s the middle of Perth. OMG!!! This is awesome. I wonder if Malaysia has a landmark like this. But I think better not, later afterwards flash flood then they will say not ready yet.

Swan Lake Tour

Such scenes are seemingly soothing and peaceful. Lazing on the yatch while sun bathing.

Perth City

City view on a bright and cloudy day. It was 18 degrees celsius ok. Well, it’s a common weather here and it’s also breezy. Sometimes I wished the weather is this way when I am back to humid hot Kuala Lumpur.

Perth Reflection

This will be my best picture yet. I love this scenery with the reflections on it and some water ripples on it. Dang…. the clouds are awesome.

Well, after all. I am still in office and of course I need to carry on working, so this is just a half time. There are many many more shots and I’ll be going back to Perth once again, hopefully next year during autumn. Well, I am so into traveling these days. Till then, I know Ryu is waiting for the ShoutOut meet up post. Patience…. 😀


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