New Year New Holiday Frames

The holidays are here once again and yes, I must say I really had a blast during the year 2008 and it’s finally now the last day of 2008. Good Bye 2008, Welcome 2009. To think that a year ago, I was in Penang trying out something very funny that I thought was like this is so not me. Well, I found an old photo which reminds me of how the trend now is getting big big frames to put onto your face.

Big Frame Spectacles

Now this all seems weird and what else to say, it sure is. To think I wore this big frame in Year 2007 and now it’s the IN thing. Wendy made me do it. Since the new year is here, we all need new frames too and thus I was thinking why not get something funky and so not the ordinary. It pays to be different but also looking cool at the same time.

Weird Holiday Spectacles Frame

I am a frequent visitor of Zenni Optical but looks like this year I can finally get my hands on those Holiday spectacle frames such as cool and weird as the one above. Well, they won’t be called Holiday frames for no reason. Maybe I could do a whole new pose or something. Of course I believe if that if you have another frame for me to choose, why not try to find one that you think is suitable for me. 2008 was really a good year, I hoped to make 2009 a better year and all this can get started with you trying to see what kind of frame suits me.

So to all readers of Weird Weird Denial, blogger friends, ShoutOuters, Kokoroboxians, Nuffnangers and the rest that I forgotten to mentioned, have a very very wonderful big blast of a new year celebration tonight.

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