Perth III – Park

Yes, it’s the continuation of the Perth experience. For those that miss the previous posts, here are the links below.

Perth Part I – Clouds
Perth Part II – Journey

It’s time to relish back the Perth, Australia experience. Yes… for those that have been waiting. First I’ll talk about my experience. It’s indeed good to get to meet a few people who are living in Perth and somehow also drop by Perth to get to meet those familiar faces.

Yes… it’s a very interesting thing. Years ago, I highly unlikely will find strangers or even bother to go out to meet strangers. Don’t really know what changes me. Maybe because of Kenny Sia and his adventures, thus gave me a revelation to go traveling and just meet friendly people.

Sheena And Me

Yes… amazing. I was like shocked to see Sheena whom I knew since my college years here in Perth. What do you know, she’s here for her company trip and of all places, met in Perth. Haha!! While she’s in KL, I didn’t even go and find her. I think it’s like err.. 4-5 years I didn’t see her. Too bad didn’t have much time to talk as the bus has already arrived and I need to board the tour bus. Maybe I’ll catch up with her later when I am back to KL, which I am now seriously procrastinating due to laziness.

Daniel and Phoebe

Ok, I don’t have a proper shot, so this photo was sent by my little sister in Perth. Yes.. for those that don’t know, I am so happy to meet my ‘mei mei’ Phoebe or her online nick ‘Puresky’ in Perth. Thanks for bringing me around Perth, and walking all the way from Kingspark to Murray Street. Haha.. one thing though, she says I am too skinny O_o. Guessed I need to put on weight. Better still why not I stay in Perth, and everyday eat Fish and Chips, sure confirm gonna put on weight. Dang…. weight training coming right up. Suddenly I miss my Perth life, get big helpings of meat and fish and chips. HAHAHA!!

Daniel and Ryu and Gift
from left : Gif, infamous Daniel, Ryu

Haha!!! This post. How did I meet them. Yes… they are Shouters from ShoutOut created by Lasker and Elise. Ok.. at least one of them is a shouter and another a potential shouter. Shouters are usually bloggers. Yes, this is the picture which was taken at NorthBridge, dangerous place during the night. Well, places full of bars, and sex shops. Haha!! Yes, for those who have been reading my previous post, Ryu especially since she’s been waiting and afraid I might post her very very cute and funny photo. So then this is a normal post. Yes, and anyone wanna know them, please pay me in advance into my Paypal. =P. *takes this opportunity to ask Ryu for blackmail! 😛*

Yes, so now you have it. What a way a blogger like me moving about and having fun with life. Life wouldn’t be so boring if sometimes go out and explore. Well, I think I said enough. What about the sceneries of Perth, Australia. MORE!! MORE!! MORE!! Ok ok … the theme for now is The Park & the Natives. Here are the other shots.


This is Kingspark for those that don’t really know. I was lucky the sun shone at the right time, giving me a perfect shot of people relaxing at the sunlight. Yes.. it’s the direct opposite from the ones in KL. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, while having a picnic or lazing around, we always avoid the sun as it’s hot and humid, but here… the sun is like a blessing. Since the weather is cool and breezy, having a tad bit of sunlight really feels err.. nice.

The Sun At Kingspark

Trying to get a lens flare shot but the picture came out too overexposed. Yes… make sure you have a UV protector on your lens or it’ll damage your autofocus. Never ever aim your lens directly at the sun or you’ll face having your lens spoilt. Just testing stuffs, so I know that photo’s not nice. Not enough vivid the color. I think photo geeks will know what I meant. So if you’re picking up photography, there’s always a stepping stone to start learning.

Kingspark Night

The friends and Shouter that I met said that I shouldn’t miss the night scene at Kings Park. Hmm… ya.. I am lazy so I will always write Kingspark 😀 Well, the lightings at night makes the road so mysterious. I just have to had a shot of it.

So what’s next? Let’s go check the natives of Australia. I meant wild animals. Not aborigines. =.=”


Native Number 1, the Koala Bears. Yes from this point onwards, most of the shots are taken from Cavernshem Wildlife Park. So see the cute cute Koala Bear. Yes, they are cute and timid. Always clung to the tree barks. But one thing though, they are still wild animals. Just look at the claws this animal have. One grab at your arm, have fun bleeding then.

White Peacock

We’ve always see the normal peacock. But what about a white peahen or white peacock. Look it’s white!! White I tell you. Well, maybe it’s something new to me. So just take a sniffy shot of it. Well, there are other animals that we can’t see in Malaysia, take for example the Tazmanian Devil. Yes… there really is something called the Tazmanian Devil, that’s how Looney Toons have that character.

White Kangaroo

When you’re at Australia, nothing beats looking out for the kangaroo. Though this one a bit special. White Kangaroo. Yes… white again. Something we don’t always get to see in my home country. Unless of course you practically went to the zoo. I did touched the animals which are the Koalas and Kangaroos. we even fed the kangaroos directly from our palm. Just don’t be so pushy and touched them wrongly or else you’ll get a kick by them, which can be fatal or guys, if they hit your ‘xiao di di’, say bye bye and I will say Congratulations!

So what do you think then? Need more post on the Australia trip I had? How about the trip to Tumbulgum Farm! Sheep shearing and others. Well, pictures are what it’s worth right? Anyway, signing off right now. I still misssssss the weather there! Well only for spring and autumn though. Anyone wants to go again next year? I am planning to go again!! Wheee~~~~


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