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Taiping Trip Time
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Taiping Lake
From Taiping

Oh my, I’ve got my SD card photos.. KAKAKAKA!!! So where did I go eh??? Small town of Taiping in Perak, Malaysia. Fuiyoh!! How many places liao??

But just to let you know, Taiping has it’s favourite park which is the Canopy Trees Lake Park. Hmm.. Don’t get what I mean!

From Taiping

Look here!! This is what a view you get to see at Taiping Yum Yum Canopy Lake Park. Well, I remembered once there was a group who said to rebuild the park, thus need to cut off these trees. But but… the residents in Taiping gang up together and signed or demonstrated that the park needs to be preserved as it is. Especially the trees that made it special! I guessed it’s really special if it’s that way!

From Taiping

Here is something unique I found there. A stone made Aligator or Dinosaur. Well, it’s unique alright. Seeing from afar, I would have thought it’s just a piece of rock. Then looking closely, it resembles the dinosaur Stegosaurus. Don’t know what it is? Have a look below… Finally some prehistoric animal in Malaysia land. HA HA HA HA!!!!


So after that where should I go from there?? Hmm… since I am already in Taiping, why not visit the Museum. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a museum with the last time in KL around year 2001. OK, that’s like 6 years! I can’t believe this!! Aiyoh, whoever said that museum is for kids only, it’s good to read some history!

From Taiping

Lookie here, the old Perak State Train. Unique as it is, it’s now only part of few displays of old machineries and vehicles. Though didn’t get to see the honorary statue of one of the Resident General of Perak. I think they moved his statue already!! Aih… too bad!! Well, that’s then with the Museum visit. So where to next. Heard of Maxwell Hill??

Maxwell Hill is now being renamed to Bukit Larut! Ha Ha!! The reasons knowingly understood. More ‘Malaysian’ name ma!! Haiyoh, why bother to rename? Nevermind! Seeing the Bukit Larut, I thought of staying overnight up in the hills. Plans have to be cancelled as going up there for one night in a chalet is like wasted. When the next day have to go down and with the car being left on the roadside while up there, it’s like taking a risk!

So plan was cancelled, buttttttt….. not before I took one picture with the Giant Tree. What tree is this? Boabob Tree? Hmm.. clueless. I really should do more research

Oh my too many activities in one day! Looks like it’s time to find food. Where else, since we’re in Taiping, why not drive down to somewhere and eat the famous food there? HUH??? Where’s that??? Give you a clue ok! This is just one picture shot of what I ate!

Adios, Sayonara! Don’t be too hungry before the next update ok!! Ho ho ho ho!!

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