Penang Trip Part 1

Holiday Preview danielctw in Penang Island
Penang Penang Pearl of the Orient. Ya, finally I am able to upload my photos to my laptop. Silly me la.. forgot I have a internal card reader built in, though somehow it can’t read my newer 2Gb SD Card.

Penang Bridge

Ya ya… this is the famous Penang Hanging Bridge, OMG, It’s so so long. Can’t believe Kenny Sia went for that marathon. Hmm.. I think I will be joining next year’s Penang Bridge Marathon Run. Who gonna cheer for me ar????

Stallion Apartment
Luckily it was off peak, getting a place in Penang seems wah full house on weekends. Hmm.. oh ya for those that don’t know, my parents are invited for a wedding luncheon here, so I am just a tag along and pay for food person. Hahaha… well, so The Stallion Service Apartment, hmm.. price is alright, but kinda bored. Why??? No place to go around to eat unless you’re driving. Walking distance to Tesco??? Not really? Oh ya… met up with minny, Chee Hsien, BenjiPapa, Cedric, PC, aL, errr i clueless liao…

Too many new names for me to remember. Hahaha. I cannnot imagine got 5 cars come fetch me 0.o you guys are great, though I really need to start learning Hokkien to catch what you guys say sometimes. hehehe…

Stallion Pool
The facilities in Stallion Apartment is not bad, too bad no one uses them while I was there. Maybe cause it doesn’t give me that feel. They’ve got a swimming pool but err…. somehow no mood to swim. Got PMS ka??? LOL… no la.. where got? Ish Ish

Penang Night

Night scene at Penang really rocks from my apartment view though. Luckily can view the Penang bridge from here. Only thing is I don’t have a DSLR, can’t zoom too far. T.T But Tesco and E-Gate is there. Yeah, I finally found out about those places. Dang, first day arrived, I got confused with the Tesco sign board. One said Tesco extra, *bish* I didn’t know it was Tesco Extra until I saw it. *drops dead*

danielctw collage


Last but not least, what the heck with all these photos? So I very si beh sienz in the apartment, what to do la. Ya lor… you all no camwhore with me. Though I admit I also like first time meet you guys. So sure got bit pai seh. Wait me come 2nd time sure different a bit ga. So because of that, sendiri camwhore la in the apartment. Ho ho ho!!!


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