Cameron Highlands after Penang

no more Penang trips, so now where??
Ipoh here I come, then Cameron Highlands… too bad cannot extract out the Ipoh trip and Taiping trip from the memory card yet.

For those that missed the Penang Trips, here they are

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From cameron

So why don’t we move on to the next one at Cameron Highlands.. Ya hoo….Cameron Highlands, danielctw thinks he’s been there like 3 times this year. Hmm… xiao or not??? Go so many times for what wor? Haiyoh, but let me tell you something. Would you rather be in office or somewhere where no office things can irritate you???

Too bad not much done in Cameron’s but just to relax. Argh…. can’t believe it’s gonna end this holiday. Well, Cameron’s is indeed something not new to me.

From cameron

A little word for visitors to Cameron Highlands. Do visit the Cactus Park at Brinchang. You’ll get to see different varieties of special cactus. Well, it’s cheap if you want to get some back home. Cost about RM10 for 6 to 7 of them! Bargain price. Though I wouldn’t go wasting my money on them as to get flower buds on the cacti, you need to have cool weather. Weird eh??? Of course you need to find place to stay which of course if you’re looking for any Pahang Hotels up there, there are lot of choices for you to make.

If you really love nature, then this is sort of place to be at with it’s cool air, mountains everywhere. Now everywhere you see steamboat restaurants in Cameron Highlands. It’s over-rated over there, danielctw prefers making your own steamboat feast up there. So if you have nature up here and with the cool breezy mountain, there’s bound to be super colorful flowers and very very green plants. So instead of babbling forever on what is good at Camerons, why not have a look for yourself with the pictures displayed.

From cameron

It looks like I can’t resist the green plants in the pot near Cactus Valley in Brinchang. So why not a shot!! Ho ho ho… Don’t puke ok, even though it looks lame.

Until then, adios, but I’ll be back to talk about my recent adventures. Why not??


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