Penang Trip Part 2

danielctw in Penang Part 2
Part 1 is here

So basically I broke my trips into few parts. Well, call me lazy la… hehe.. anyway Part 2 can also easily mean day 2. Well, it was raining darn heavily on that day and the wind was strong. It was also the day of the wedding luncheon, which I joined in the reception.

Penang Wind

With the wedding being held at E&O hotel, so off I go from Bayan Lepas towards the north area. I think it’s around Gurney area. Well what can I say about the hotel. Ok, I find this hotel marvelous. Problem is where should I stay after that? Nah… think about it later.

E&O Hotel Penang

Opps!! Decided to meet out a fellow former & kokorobox member in Queensbay Mall. Hmm… wondering wah… all the way back down to Bayan Lepas and considering it’s a Sunday
ps: In Penang, having taxis working on Sunday is rare and you need to call. So I got the Hotel people to call them. Then realised the charges are RM35 for the trip 0.o. T_T

Queensbay Mall Penang

Alright… it was my first time at Queensbay Mall. Though it was hell of a traffic congestion with the TV3 Jom Heboh thing going on. Funny thing is that inside this mall, my phone reception is very very bad. Weird eh???

So I came there and met IcyHeart & PurpleTiff. Haha.. then aboh, go eat lor.. Hungry. Lunch ar… go eat this… What’s that???? Go figure!! =P

Haagen Dazz Fondue

Well, if still don’t know the answer, next time you belanja me this then I’ll tell you what it is. Ho ho ho…. so who gonna spend me this? *whistles* Siao meh??? Go Penang eat this? Don’t want eat Penang food ar????? No no no wait… cause 2nd day which is on a Sunday, I really cannot travel around wor. Not much time, now some more have to look for place to stay. *sweats*

In the end, Tg Bungah was the place. It’s so so so near to Feringhi. Hehehe… Beach area. ^_^ Seaside ma.. This was the day which supposed to find Michi3 then she ‘fang wo fei ji’. So next time she have to spend me dinner liao. Kekeke…

Penang Food!!! Coming Rite Up Next!!


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