Bye Bye

Heya People
Hey people!! danielctw once again is going to go off!!!! Starting Tomorrow as on Saturday!!

OMG!!!! He’s going off again, and leaving us with an outdated blog to read! Wah… how could he?? Cry!! Cry!! Cry!! (Drama too much liao, those Taiwanese drama la…always cry here and there!)

Hey!! I’ll be off for only like a week +/- two days. That’ll be like 9 days. Ya I know is kinda a long time. Well, sacrifices have to be made, if not how I can take those super syiok photos for you people to see.

So where am I off to right now?
First Destination
Penang Island – Here I come!!!
Kedah & Perlis
Cameron Highlands
and many more to decide on the trip later.

Wah??? So many places, well, I am going on a drive about in these places with my parents. As a matter of fact, coz one of our family friend is getting married in Penang, thus that’s why use it as an excuse to go traveling too.
BRBFear not, I have invited a special sit-in postie to help me out. Who knows, maybe a photo or two. Right right??? I will leave it to that someone to come in introduce him/herself hehe…. Got surprise ma… good rite??? =P


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