Tomorrow’s The Trip

Yes, after like many days didn’t go out at all and always staying at home, I thought when will be my next trip. Looks like I’ll be revisiting Cameron Highlands again! Yes, it’s here again! So now I can add on to my Cameron Highlands Category. It’ll go up, that’s for sure!

Strawberry Baby

But this time it’ll be different. I have my D40 to go along with me. So time to get those strawberries and those sweet corn. I am gonna go on a eating spree and photoshoot spree. I wonder what happened to the Lata Iskandar Waterfall where they’re doing some small renovation. Hmm… what about the many different type of spiders at the greens??

Yes, though I am anticipating this, I’ll be going up with my family with aunties and uncles too. So don’t get the wrong idea that I am going up with someone else. HEHEHE!!! Just another 24 hours countdown..

I am coming to Camerons

I’ll be back on Tuesday 🙂

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