Kuala Lumpur Bird Park using 50mm

Amazing how we all go through our daily life in the city, busy with our work, school work, college work and other things that get us stress. At times it is good to stroll or go for a break towards nature. Hello…. entertainment does not only come in the form of night life. So this post is so backdated but not as backdated as the one for Tibet, but here is what I want to share with you. The place I will be introducing to you is the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park situated near Lake Gardens.

It was around December 2009 and yes it was a outing for Yen and me, the weird author of this blog. Well, I could have talked about the bus ride, the stop at Petaling Street and many other instances, but as the title suggested it’s all about the bird, 鳥(とり).

Though, of course riding on the bus (The Hop On Hop Off Double Decker Bus) brought us first to Petaling Street (China Town) and because it’s so plain in the morning, the only thing I can show you is the photo down there.

Anyway let’s go back to our Kuku Bird Park. Seemingly I have only one regret while going there with my trusty D300. I’ve forgotten to bring my Nikkor 55-200mm VR Lens. *dissapointed just like the uncle’s expression at Petaling Street*. Well, not to worry, photographers do have to learn to adapt and armed with only the portraiture Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D, I proceeded to take photos of the birds.

I will say less, just observe.


Proud Peacock

My Peacock Head is Blue

The best I can do with a 50mm view of Flamingos

A photo of the surrounding lake area behind a man-made waterfall of droplets of water. I am sure some of you would want to know how much is it to enter this Bird Park. Malaysians, you’re in luck! If you have a MyKad with you, you get it for RM15 per entry if not it will be RM42 which is way higher. Is it worth it? To me, unlike a Zoo, if you just want to concentrate on the different species of birds and of course another attraction of sitting with the birds and posing with them, then yes, a bird park is the place to be.

I definitely love this next shot. I could say, it depicts action and life instead of just some public display to the public. Too bad I don’t have a zoom. Darn.

What a greedy Pelican at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park!!

Of course, saying all this, being at the bird park, you get to see beautiful birds and their striking colors. Now how pretty is that. The sounds of birds singing and parrots talking. Everything is interesting. Of course, the next photo is prettier. 🙂


After all, imagine carrying that big bouquet of flowers the whole time in the Bird Park. (Eh.. I also got carry oh!)

ps : How did that bouquet of flowers appear? Think….. remember I was at Petaling Street earlier. 😛
pss: For those wanting to know more about Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, you can visit their official site on the link posted above.
psss: Want to see more of the photos of the bird park that I have taken, get ready to see them at my new blog mentioned at http://danielchew.net in the coming days.

Google Map to KL Bird Park

Until then, what’s next? Tibet? Bali? I think anything goes.


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