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Whee hoo, guess what. I am now life in Penang Island for a specific reason (Duh… it is right above at the main title) Yes, it is finally another year of Penang Bridge Internation Marathon 2012. For those that do not know about this event, I was here last year 2011 and also the year before 2010. Penang Bridge Run is indeed like an annual kind of event which I would not want to miss and this time after the grueling 42km run I did last year (yes…. I really ran the whole distance of 42km), decided to take it slow this time and run my usual pet event, the 21km (half marathon).

This year though, the only difference is that there is no more guest house we can stay, so decided to book and stay in a budget hotel. Though something went wrong, and luckily we still have our room available due to some mistakes done by the hotel staffs. Nevertheless, time for some pre PBIM report.

This year, the PBIM 2012 run would be a whole lot different with this be the final run on the modest penang bridge that has been there. Yes, it will be the final run on this bridge as there would be a new bridge in the upcoming years. (Who knows, they might alternate the runs on both bridges between the years) Time for some photos to proof I was here in Queensbay Mall.

Queensbay Mall Penang Road Jam

As usual the collection of the running bibs and package is done at Queensbay Mall open area and as usual the place would be crowded on pick up day. Still, driving through them seems like small stuff compared to the run I am going to experience.

PBIM 2012 Collection Area

Like everyone, we will have to collect all our running confirmation packages from the collection counter which surprisingly not many people. I think most of them must have collected way earlier and some of them courier to their home. Hmm… this year I did not notice any familiar faces though.

PBIM 2012 Collection Counter

There are many people of all sizes, races, helmets collecting their bibs and marathon running vest. Well, the guy with the helmet was the most epic. Hmmm… my brother say can “kap lui” also. (pretty girl sightings)

PBIM 2012 Powerbar

As usual without fail as of every year, PowerBar made their presence felt again this year. Here we have a variety of flavors for those who need their extra dose of energy. There is a pink PowerBar though, but seriously, for personal preference I do not like the taste and also the texture of the PowerBar Gel. They still do their thing though.

Penang Bridge Marathon 2012 Photo Spot

As of every year, everyone crowded to the banner area to have a picture of themselves for their memories, their blogs, their whatsoever that did not make their way into this blog post. Everyone was taking turns to take photo of it.

Me? Nah… I skipped it as I am not interested to pose in front of the same recycled signboard year after year. Try look back at the old post and see the resemblance. They just have to change the year.

PBIM 2012 Crows

Aside from just taking photos of the event and the things happening in the open area, had a walk along the coast and saw these flock (is it flock?) of crows moving about and gathering at an area. It seems unique to me and with the Penang Bridge at the background it would seem that they also cannot wait to anticipate the upcoming run tonight.

I guessed I am also one of those who cannot wait for this run to start.

PBIM 2012 Daniel Chew Penang Bridge Pose

Not a great pose but then still a must capture of how I looked before the run before I actually run the whole run. Well, before I proceed, here are the people who will be running in my group.

Mouse, Kev, Oon, YL and lastly me too. (There are others who are friends of the ones mentioned but then I guessed I do not know their names)

To conclude this post, I guessed it does no harm by posting a picture of the running vest for this year’s run. So here you have it, the running vest photo of the Penang Bridge Internation Marathon 2012……….

Penang Bridge 2012 Vest

with me in it.

Peace out!


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