Volkswagen The Icon is Back

Amazing how time flies. Amazing how something so ancient is still something so valuable and reliable. Amazing right? Believe me, I am not talking about the Takeshi me but about the icon, the Volkswagen. Anyway, I was previewing the iconic brand of a car a week ago in KLCC Convention Center.

Remember the billboards are showing TheIconIsBack along the streets in Kuala Lumpur, now I was there to witness the opening of the event.

The Icon Is Back Stage

After missing myself from a lot of events (unlike those days where I was an upcoming and new blogger and attending multiple events and outings), I decided to go for a few events this year. Though being more of a traveler and wanderer, going for events seems to be not my cup of tea like it used to.

Anyway let’s get back to the Volkswagen The Icon Is Back event.

First and foremost we were greeted by singers and dancers on the stage. Oppps.. actually there are speakers beforehand but somehow I guess I omitted them out from my photos (or maybe because they are not hot…. hahaha).

Volkswagen Event Singers

The lighting was dim, I practically had to use ISO 1250 to get this shot. Though amazingly, the noise level was not that high. This is one reason why I love the DSLR compared to compact cameras. (Ahhhh… cannot seem to stop talking about DSLRs)

A splendid start for the event. With cars parading around the stage, and the Volkswagen singer and dancers in tandem. Thank goodness I brought my zoom lens. Though that was not everyone was waiting for, we, the crowd were there for one thing and that was for the unveiling of the new beetle from Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Newest Beetle 2012

There we have it. The new Beetle, driving towards us from the stage. Hmm.. does not seem to look like a beetle from this angle. No worries, there is another photo of the beetle for your viewing pleasure.

After the show has ended, it is time to survey the Volkswagen as we look at the cars on display. Seriously I wondered what it feels like to own a Volkswagen.Daniel Chew with Volkswagen

Well, a man can always dream and since I am one, I can always dream of owning a Volkswagen on my own. Aha!!! let’s move on to the next exhibit.

Volkswagen Beetle Display

It was not only cars that were making the headlines that day. I love taking photos at a different perspective, by taking photos of people in their natural movements and surrounding. It feels original though compared to those shot in the studio.

Volkswagen Girl and a Photographer

Girl: Smile!! Smile!! Everytime must smile, if not later customer don’t wanna buy and I get my photo taken.

Guy: Aha!!!! Customer dissatisfaction!

There was a car from the exhibition that I was particularly interested on though. Nope!! It’s not a Beetle. I am more of a executive type of person, so I would prefer a sedan. Well, that was why I am interested in the Volkswagen Polo Sedan.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Look at how cool the engine looks like. As there are always people going in and out of the car, getting a proper shot of the car is a hassle. So sorry but I guess you guys/girls got to google for the whole outline of the automobile mentioned.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan Steeing

The steering looks classy as well. Now this what a car looks like. The detail, the classy look, all I ever wanted for a car. You know what, because of this, you would not believe it, if I told you that I am now a proud owner of a Volkswagen.

Yes!!! I am now a proud owner of a Volkswagen. Too bad I did not get the Beetle or the Polo Sedan as I find that my budget is indeed out of range. So what did I get?

TA DAH!!!!!!

I got myself a Volkswagen Sciroccco GT24 and the budget was….

Volkswagen Scirocco GT24


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