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Hello guys and gals! It’s been a week and yes DanielCtw was away for the week. Today is Tuesday and to tell you about all the activities I have gone through the past week would be exhilarating and would take a few posts to finish. Well, what I can say is that I enjoyed my week and also these past few days. What has happened though, that would be good to look at with a few photos.

Giant Rock

I am sure some of you can recognize these few photos and the origins of these photos of where they were taken at. Well, some are mighty obvious, and some are just plain HARD to find but it’s the life of a traveler to know where these places are.

Ferris Wheel

I always figured, photos on my blog are meant to be shared and yes, they are shared for viewing. Now of course, I would eventually start a site for my portfolio and it’s going to finish very soon. But since I would like to share with you as to why only now that I decided to start something like that, it’s all due to a mixture of events and a certain gadget.

Nikon Photo

But how can this events take me over a week? Where did I go? I am sure those who have been following my past posts would understand that it doesn’t take people to know that I have been traveling here and there. I miss this part of life, going here and there and being able to start blogging like I used to frequently.

Though I must also THANK my fellow guest bloggers who has been helping me blog during the days I was missing from the blogosphere. Well, some still remain anonymous but it’s good to mentioned them in one of my blog post in the coming future.

Sword Fish Land

I didn’t travel to another country though, which the last time I did that was 2 years ago. I wished I could though. But traveling within Malaysia also has it’s beauty and wonder. I mean, why resort to travel overseas when we haven’t even explore the wonders of Malaysia and it’s large flora and fauna and busy city life. Imagine the swordfish above, who knows where that place is?

Rocks Of KK

This rock is a giveaway and yes, it’s a magnificent sight. Would probably go there again in the coming future. It’s a dramatic experience and a sight to behold. If you need help though, you can always call me and I could arrange a package to traveling destinations around Malaysia. Well, of course when I said that, it’s not everywhere but to those islands and East Malaysia.

So seeing this preview will sort of tell you what I have been doing? But it’s that it? Well, in between these events there are many other events which would be worth mentioning. But giving too much of information would be giving away my secret. So stay tune and guessed where I’ll be going next in the coming posts too.


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