Legoland Malaysia – During the Night

Hello and welcome back to my preview of night scenery in Legoland Malaysia. Before that, Legoland is launching at Kuala Lumpur. Yes, there will be a soft launch and we got to visit Legoland in Kuala Lumpur. Believe your eyes when you see this.

KL Tower Legoland

No kidding, Legoland Malaysia is launching their second theme park at the heart of Kuala Lumpur as depicted in the photo above. Wow!!! Now wouldn’t that be good news? Well, sad to say, if only it was really true. The picture is real alright, but why?

Have a look at another angle.

Iconic Kuala Lumpur Legoland

Here you can see both KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers. Hmmm… still fishy? I guessed you need more convincing proofs.

KL Town Legoland

Finally a 1Malaysia building and the ever familiar one of the iconic landmarks in Kuala Lumpur. How is that possible?

Look closely and you will be amazed with all the Lego pieces needed to create the necessary buildings. Yup, they were all made of Lego. I enjoyed taking the photos even without a tripod. Good thing I have my trusty old Nikon D300 and a steady hand.

So anyone can guess where is this place next?

Eye of Malaysia Legoland   \

Night time in Legoland is definitely a place to take those night scenery and you will be awed with the lights and colors it would emit. So is it all morning and no night activity? That is definitely not the case, the night is more or less for photographers and also for tourist to get their photos taken.

Legoland Sawadeekap

Imagine being in Thailand. Sawadeekap!!! Such beautiful lights and sky settings.

Last but not least not all rides were close. If you have a kid or a couple, one can try the Pharoah House as it is a game in a ride where you aim with your plastic gun and fire it towards different targets using their laser. Amazing!!

Pharoah Egypt Legoland


So guys and girls, if you really think that it is not worth it to spend one big whole day at Legoland Malaysia in Johor, think again. There would be many things one missed and then cannot wait to go back there again due to regrets. Go in the morning and back by night would be the best remedy.

(Finally a post without any humans in it right? (What a relief….)


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