ChurpChurp Chinese New Year Event 2013

Amazingly after laying low for a very long time, I am back at an event organized by ChurpChurp, sister company of the bigger Nuffnang. It was a Chinese New Year event organized by ChurpChurp held at Vault Wine Bistro at Glomac Damansara.

Churpchurp has updated their blog with the latest post on this event. Here it is.

ChurpChurp CNY Event Updates

Note: Photos taken with HTC One X

So after arriving early there to avoid the crazy traffic, I was there and got to play with the Chinese caligraphy. Can you find mine?

ChurpChurp Caligraphy

Mighty obvious when you can see how bad is my writing. Time for some blog whore. Haha! Seriously it has been awhile since blogging about events like this. Though this time I decided to have fun.

Let’s get this straight, this is an event organized by ChurpChurp for Churpers to get together and to have a “Lou Sang” with the Churpers. Well, so where will the “Lou Sang” be?

wine vault bistro lousang

Yup, it’s outside with the staffs creating the final touches to the “Yee Sang” (which means raw fish).

Hold on though, after waiting for an hour, the crowd are starting to fill in and amazingly, I did not see the usual people that I used to see during my active blogging times. It does make me seem old and I guessed the younger ones are coming up and maybe it is time for me to retire from events like these. (Old man ranting again….)

lenglui taking photos outside

Look at all the Churpers outside taking photos of everything and how many leng luis are out here? I can say the amount of girls outnumbered the guys in this event. Whoa….

Why blog about this post all of a sudden? Well, this year, I decided to be a little bit crazy. It is time to take part in the activities and looks like it paid off, though with some back aches and other embarrassing events.

The game started with the organizer asking for 10 volunteers, and so happened I volunteered towards the end to be the 10th volunteer. Surprisingly, the game that would be announced was Limbo Rock!!! Amazing, haven’t played this game since my high school days.

How did I do?

daniel chew limbo rock


Me in tight pants and black shirt and I was the final 2 with the girl in black skirt (what’s her name?). Photo credited to Jessyings.

Also another crazy moment I had in this event was an old time kokorobox friend Kian Fai, who so happened to know Yen as her old school mate and we did some crazy stuffs.

danielctw kianfai bromance

Bromance detected! Credit once again to Jessyings

Well, this was one of my craziest events but it did not just stop there, I got to win a few things from ChurpChurp, which was a bit unexpected.

danielctw cnychurpout prizes

Got a Complimentary Movie Ticket for 2 (any movie be it 3D, 2D, etc), Spiders 3D Power Adaptor and a Churpie plushie. Looking at this photo, it really shows how much I have aged. Sad… (now here I go again)

Last but not least, I would also want to thank the one who started this all, the one who got me into this event, the one who cheered me on, the one who is the most special of them all, none other than my beloved Yen.

danielctw yen CNY ChurpOut

Thank you deary! I had fun and am happy.

To all, have a very Happy Chinese New Year 2013.

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