Memorable Christmas in Genting Highlands

It was December 2012, or rather it was 24th December 2012 and Christmas was on the way. This year, I decided to spend the year celebrating Christmas in Genting Highlands to enjoy the breeze and also a way to spend the holidays. It is time for some Christmas spirit. Somehow going up to Genting Highlands this time of year feels so much like in those winter countries, only that it does not snow here. *looked sad*

Cold Misty Genting Highlands

Well, that did not stop me from enjoying my time up here. Seeing as the weather was very bad, the theme park had a lot of ride closed for the day and I felt very sorry for those that came up here and bought the tickets only to find out that most of the rides were close.

Welcome to Genting Highlands Theme Park

Girl: Mummy, mummy, I want go in now!!
Mum: Ok darling. Wait for daddy to arrive first ya.

Well, there was still a queue so I guessed people still wanna go in.

Seeing that the weather was not permissible, we went instead for a better lunch in Genting Highlands. Where else but Hot Pot? The only place where one can have steamboat buffet style up here. Cost about RM40 per person (excluding tax), decent price if you are in Genting Highlands, but definitely indecent if you are back in Kuala Lumpur.

Hot Pot Seafood Steamboat Genting Highlands

With the variety of seafood, spent about almost 2 to 3 hours in the restaurant. Hahaha!!! This is amazing, went up to Genting Highlands to eat lots of seafood. Guessed what happened to the food.

Crab seafood

Poor Mr Crab, trapped in a world of sea creatures.. dead sea creatures. I am sorry to all crabs and prawns who are reading this, I hope you do not end up on my dinner plate.

With the weather condition still not changing, time for some walkabout in Genting Highlands. Hmmm…. were you still wondering who is that ‘we’? Well, as this is a new year 2013 and a new post, I will reveal it to you people later.

Genting Highlands Snow World

So many people, so many people wanted to play in the snow, and there you have it. Snow World. Bringing your camera into the Snow World in Genting Highlands is not a very good option knowing that the cold would fog up your lens. How was this taken? From the outside. (Yeah… I know I am a cheapskate for taking from outside)

The whole time spent walking around Genting Highlands, with a fashion show at First World Plaza and also some shopping done. Time was near 12 am and it was time for some count down. Though it was also a fun time playing in the Arcades and they have this cool game, where you get to beat your imaginary boss with it.

Count down upcoming, what did we do? We left early to count down in the hotel instead. Hahaha!!! Sweet, no squeezing with the crowd while waiting to board the elevator.

Next morning, time to get some breakfast and get ready to leave for Kuala Lumpur. It is now officially Christmas day (the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ) and time to go back to have a Christmas dinner and also a church event during the night.

Genting Higlands Sky Way

Going by Genting Highlands Cable Car or they call it the Sky Way, was really amazing. Sometimes we have mist covering the whole area and this is one of those where the mist was not visible. Genting Highlands, a place to remember where I had a trip with the both of us. Yes, who else but Miss Yen.

I am also taking this opportunity to write this post on this special day which is 2013.1.4 or rather 2013 年1月4日 to wish my lovely Yen,


Daniel Chew and Yen

I had lots of fun taking these few shots. Signing off here, Daniel Chew and Miss Yen.


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