25% Discount Flashdrives for Photographers

This post brought to you by PhotoFlashDrive by Pexagon Technology. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nowadays everyone seems to have name cards. You name it, even if you’re not working in a company, bloggers now have their own name card. Aspiring photographers (most of them bloggers) create their own name card. Then slowly you see themselves making t-shirts with their domain name. Something else though is starting to follow the hype. It’s flashdrives. So far there’s this website which is called Pexagon, which creates personalized flash drives for photographers. Why only photographers? The offer is for photographers as they will receive 25% DISCOUNT on personalized USB Flash Drives, Portable Hard Drives and other custom products.

For someone like me who does his shopping online, this will be a convenient way to get a personalized drive. Now I am glad I am a photographer too.

photography flash drives

Imagine all my hard drives have my domain name Danielctw.com or Handsome Takeshi Daniel Chew in-scripted on it. So at least it shows the professionalism in oneself. Oh my goodness, I think I rather put a logo on my personalized flash drives instead.Another good thing is giving your clients the personalized flash drive with your blog or business URL with the files. They’re sure to remember where they got that flash drive from.

Well, since that is the case, I guess before this thing becomes a hype, I better start making mine first. Since I haven’t been offering anything much to my readers, here’s the chance for you to get your own personalized photography flash drives too.

Food Photo Taken with 50mm Closeup

This food what was taken with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D.

I still wished I could have gotten a better lens for food photography though, maybe a 20mm?. Argh… even though photography is fun, the cost of maintaining one is also another issue. Setting that aside, I guessed photography is an investment, be it lens, flash drives and others.

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