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After about a year into DSLR cameras and photography, I’ve sometimes thought, why not share what I have learnt to others. Well, this has got me thinking also, why not create a blog out of nowhere and talked about few stuffs about photography. Well in line of this, instead of creating one now, I am doing my articles in draft and will be thinking of creating a whole new domain for it. So wait for me while I find a suitable date to launch the website.

A few days back, I had the thought of understanding what was aperture, shutter speed, ‘bokeh‘ and all were foreign to me when I practically started photography without understanding a thing or two. I was more like a photography noob and seriously, I’ve learnt a lot thru reading and experimenting with the cameras and forums. So after seeing how hard it was to learn photography when you’re learning it on your own, it feels that it’s good to somehow help others who are new into it.

DanielCtw giving Camera Tips

Simple tips and tricks of camera and photography. Well, since I am still not even a professional one, so just basic tips and about.

I had my hand on the D2X today and with the 3rd Generation Nikkor 70-200mm lens f2.8 AF-ED lens. The picture was nice and though with no VR, it has to be compensated with lots of other settings. I’ve also found another older photokaki to mix around with. I might even get myself a D300 sooner than I thought for taking up new assignments.

As of now, let’s just say I am no professional, and there are others who are better than me. Look at my photos, they are still amateurish right. But hopefully they’ll get better in time.

I am so random today..

ps : My camera is not with me for a few days, so bear with me with my longer written articles as I go thru a hiatus period.


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