Comic Fiesta Berjaya Times Square Dec 2010

I was in Times Square. Lo and behold, I got greeted by maids. They were giving me Nips Chocolate. I was wondering what was happening? Well, of course I know.

Comic Fiesta Nips Maids

I am at the Comic Fiesta 2010. Compared to the first time I’ve gone to a cosplay event, this is the 2nd time out of nearly 8 years. Yes, what a super long time.

Comic Fiesta 2010

As usual, there are cosplayers everywhere. I was lucky to shoot some that caught my eye. Using alternately the 50mm Nikkor and the 10-20mm Sigma lenses, I caught a few shots to be shown here. This next photo caught my eye.

Cosplay Cat Ears Pink

What anime is this? Cat ears? Pink dress? Long yellow locks? I ain’t sure but this cosplayer got my attention to take those photos.

Comic Fiesta Lying Cosplay Cat

What more, she was lying down. Only problem was, I was using 50mm thus couldn’t capture the whole thing properly. How I took this photo? I went down as low as her. It would have been nicer if she had looked at my camera instead.

There are also cosplay where guys took part also. Understandably, usually they don’t stand out. Female cosplayers do. Now where’s my Mai Shiranui??? Hohohoho!!

Comic Fiesta 2010 Starwars Cosplay

I am the Star Wars Trooper. You are no match for me pitiful humans.


Comic Fiesta Maid Cosplays

As usual, there are so many animes and mangas with maid costumes, sometimes I don’t know which anime they are from. I guessed I need help from the more active otakus (manga & anime kakis)  out there.

Of course, other than cosplayers, there are also figurines that are being showcased there. Since with low lighting and no usage of flash on the figurine models, I have to make do with what I have.

Comic Fiesta Doll Story

Strange and weird. Of course not all turned out like that.

Comic Fiesta Miniature Female Figurine

Love this shot. Now all I need is a different set of lens.

Back to cosplayers that really meant what they wanted to present. A group of them.

Comic Fiesta Cosplay Group Photo

WHAT ANIME is THIS? Can someone help me??? So which is the cuter one?

Comic Fiesta Cosplay Maid

More shots. Too bad I can’t get their whole attention.Of course, sometimes, I wished I could be like them, dressing anyway we wanted. It’s like releasing their stress on dressing up.

Comic Fiesta Devil Girl Cosplay

One of the sexy ones around there. A sexy devilish girl. Though the thought of seeing something like this on a girl is kind of rare in Malaysia. Definitely cool props and outfit.

Comic Fiesta Cosplay

Now which anime is this too? Wearing a corset and a wig. One of the most elegant cosplayer out there on that day. When there’s a devil there’s bound to be an angel.

Comic Fiesta Angel Cosplay

So Angel we shall. Love the lightings on this. Too bad I only have a 50mm lens. Time to save money for Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8. It is sad because only armed with a sharp lens at a range of only 50mm, it sure is hard to take full body photos. This is the best I could do though.

Comic Fiesta Witch Cosplay

A witch cosplayer. Wonder what manga or anime she is from? I am still clueless. To top it all off, we now have the photo of the volunteer group.

Girls Photo Volunteer Comic Fiesta

The 3 Nips Maid and 2 game cosplayers. Yes, the one in orange is superbly tall. Should be a good choice for Ichitaka. Hohoho…

Finally after looking at most of the cosplays I could finally recognize one. Reason: It’s final fantasy. One of my favorite all time RPG games.

Comic Fiesta Yuna Cosplay

Presenting Yuna of Final Fantasy X. Of all the cosplayers there, I think this is the cutest of them lot. Some crazy experience in this Comic Fiesta was when I witnessed a few cosplays which are girl characters but the one cosplaying them are guys. Now try to imagine, a big burly man cosplaying as Sailormoon. Now do you get what I mean? Gone is your appetite!!

Then I met Rukawa, a character from Slamdunk. Too bad this Rukawa didn’t really get the full costume. What a shame. I can tell you, Rukawa Kaede looks superbly stunning and at a loss for words. Don’t believe me, have a look at the photo displayed below.


Rukawa DanielCtw Yuna Cosplay

AHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Time to disappear!


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