My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger doesn’t seem bad, though to most Chinese couples, the year of the Tiger is like a bad year to get married. All because of the sound ‘fu’, the Chinese sound for Tiger.

Though in all these while, people still dream of things even in this not so good year. I have a dream too. Considering that my Nikon D300 and my precious Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D lens are in bad condition, I am hoping that in this year, The TIGER year, I would be able to upgrade my gears towards Full Frame, let’s say a Nikon D3. Now how does it sound right now? Yes, A FULL FRAME FX CAMERA.

Being a frequent traveller, it’s good to take photos with it. That is to share my experiences in these travels with my friends and families and also to readers of my blog. Of course sometimes I can’t help doing an occasional self portrait. Seemingly, it helps to push me too in the direction of being a photographer for weddings, events, products more actively.

Daniel Chew Doing Self Shots

The dream is not only to own the camera, the gears, but in evitable fact is to begin shooting photos for business with a group of our own (yes, you know who you are).

Imagine the times when I was shooting with my Casio Exilim and I get blurred images. Then to move forward with a D40 and I get not so good ISO performance. The D300 did perform well though, but then it got cracked and I am feeling sad.

Seemingly though, I found out something today from Twitter. This tweet is twitted by NuffnangMY.

“Hey Nuffnangers, win RM8888 worth of dreams by running towards the Year of Tiger! (Only for Non-Muslim & 18yo above)

Now what an opportunity, as this is not just any ordinary event, it’s a running event. Wooots…. I have taken my first run on 1st January 2010 for the Pacemakers 12km Network Run and this time it’s time to get my legs on for this event as it’s only limited to Nuffnangers and so far not so much Pacesetters which I have to run with.

Hehehe… what a chance, I wouldn’t want to let this chance run away. Of course there is another chance as this run is open only to Non-Muslims due to the nature of this run and this event is sponsored by Tiger Beer and Nuffnang.

So RM8,888 prize + RM1,888 running cash prize, please wait for me. At least it’s a small step to me getting my lovely Nikon D3 gear or at least a fund for my next trip to Philippines and Taiwan. Of course I want to join in for the party at Bar Madrid, Jaya One, PJ.


ps : If I get to participate in this run, which should I choose? Putrajaya Night Run or a run which offers beer and rm8888? Try to guess it then!!


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