Cleo Bachelor Preview Curve

Cleo Bachelor Preview was held a week ago last Saturday at the Center Court at the Curve. Huh?? Why is it that I am interested in this Cleo Bachelor thing?? Well, it’s more or less to support a friend in this competition.

Group Photo Cleo

Now where is this friend? He’s the only one up there with his fist pump up into the air. Enthusiastic eh…. and yes, in case you want to know, he’s the Cleo Bachelor Contestant No 20. By the way, not all of them were there, with Owen Yap and Kenny Sia not around.

Serena C

Serena C (one of Mix FM morning crew with Pietro, Ikka is the emcee for that night. Well, showing some stunts for the bachelors to follow, and this is what you get.

Why must they ever open their mouth?? Well, beats me, but then compare the Cleo Bachelor act in Malaysia with other countries, I would say the stunts they have to do is very mild. Well, what with our very conservative minds, there will never be a crazy stunt. Anyway I was also there for another purpose, to look at some of the cameraman/photographers cameras. Well, some with Nikon D3 there. Drooling ok.

Speaking of which, where there are bachelors, there are bound to be girls. So of course… well, you know. That’s why I am there too. So here goes the photographers trigger happy shooting the Bachelors, while I do the shooting on them.

Look At The Pouch

Just look at the amount of pouch and you can expect to have like few lenses there. Too bad I ain’t any VIP to be able to go up the stage to capture a shot. Besides, I don’t have my telephoto lens yet, which I am planning to get one soon. Come to me baby VR 18-200mm Nikkor lens or maybe I just get the budget 70-300mm lens. What do you think??

BTW, you can vote for David Chong, bachelor No 20. (Don’t say I didn’t promote you ya)


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