Taking Photos With Your DSLR

Now this is a whole new photo taking class. Not really, just a random thought that I have thought of, and since there are pictures for me to use, I would say why not.

Most of us who got their first DSLR, would go trigger happy, without understanding the 1/3 Rule, the bokeh and also many more. The skill of camwhoring also need to be practiced in order to get a proper nice shot. Well, how do one learn how to take photos with their camera.

Self Portrait

Precisely, going out with other photographers is one of the fastest way to learn, while sharing photo taking experiences. Sometimes we shoot with our own kit lens, knowingly what we shoot there are certain configurations that needs to be set. Doing portraiture shots, the lower the F value the more blur the background is. That’s why people get portrait lens like the 50mm f1.8/f1.4/f1.2 for this purpose.

A few months ago, I was the only photographer on the stage area to use a telephoto lens instead of my kit lens during the Roxy Summer Splash 2008 event at Sunway Lagoon and people find it weird as to why I use that lens. Well, considering models will do a catwalk, getting a close up while they are walking brings out the natural feel of it. I see many others using portrait lens instead thus having to wait for the models to stop near the center to get a decent shot.

Telephoto Lens

Yes, it doesn’t mean telephoto lens isn’t a great option, but I would prefer telephoto when shooting models on stage. A portrait lens would work better with stationary models that poses though. Though I think many people will beg to differ as there are many more uses and how one uses it.

A telephoto lens (in case one is not sure, are those zoom lenses. For me I own the Nikkor 55-200mm VR) is great for shooting people, animals even for macro shots if one doesn’t have a macro lens. I will usually change to a kit lens if I am shooting landscape or because I just don’t want the extra weight. =D

Though personally, you can tell when someone isn’t a frequent DSLR user if they positioned their hand like the one below.

Hand Holding Technique on DSLR

There might be nothing wrong with the method of holding but it sure is not the standard practice. If you still don’t get it, try to figure it out or maybe some other readers will obliged to say it out.

ps: Post was created out for fun and to educate. Have fun yeah…

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