Wedding of Vincy and Jimmy

20th May 2012, the date that finally a friend of mine got married. Amazingly, this time I am also just a leisure photographer for both the bride and groom. Since I will be photographing from the bride’s place, I got to stay in the room once again and get to have some portrait photos with the bride.

This showcased the day for both Vincy and Jimmy. The photos below are in no chronological order. Enjoy them as I go through these few shots.

Vincy Waiting

While waiting in the room for the bridegroom to pick up the bride, I took some photos while the bride was pondering over something. What she is pondering though, I am not sure. Nevertheless, I am just a photographer doing my job capturing emotions.

It makes me think about relationships, there are good times and bad times, but in all, we still stand firm when two person believe in each another.

Vincy Shot

Love the pose that Vincy gave for this photo though my only regret is that this photo was a little bit dark that I had to post process it. I should make sure that the eyes are sharp, which was something I should have done. Though with a background of a couple at the back, it feels just right.

After about nearly 1 hour in the room with the bride, I think it is about time that the groom should have some chance with the bride instead. Time to pass over the bride to the groom. It is super cute when you see the groom coming in and meeting his wife.

Jimmy Vincy Wedding

Jimmy with his peace sign. One thing I noticed though, they both have similar expression. Their teeth are also showing. Well, that was worth the wait. The time where the next time I will be taking photos for you guys would be your baby showers or some other random trips that we all can go to.

Though remember to support me when you need a photographer.

Since I am more of photographer for the bride side, I took most of the photos in the bride’s house and here is the bride with all her splendor in the car moving towards the groom’s house.

Vincy in the Car

Till my next time. Also congratulations to Jimmy and Vincy once again. Have many great years ahead.

If anyone needs my help in photo shooting, do contact me by clicking the Contact Me page either here or at my Photo Page at Daniel Chew Photography.


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