Rare Wedding at KL Tower

This weekend was mightily hectic. First on a Saturday morning went for a day shooting, and I ended up myself feeling very exhausted and tired due to the insufficient sleep the previous night. That’s why on the way home, I slept until it was time for the wedding dinner to attend. Boy….. the dinner was at KL Tower. Impressive place to have your wedding dinner there and the food… hmm… nice. The view was spectacular too, if it was clearer.

View of KL Panaroma

Mind the reflection from the inside of KL Tower. Well, what can one expect when it was about 730pm at night. It’s brighter up there because we can still see the sun. XD It’s so rare to be on the same level with the mountains and look at everything around. Now I guessed I think why they call Kuala Lumpur a valley, we’re surrounded by hills. Just look at the horizon.

View of Twin Towers At KL Tower

Now you can see how high up were. But this post isn’t about how high we were on top the whole of Kuala Lumpur, it’s about a wedding of an ex-colleague. I will show pictures instead.

Fion Lau, Bride Shot

The Bride In the First Wear!

Pouring Champagne Ceremony

The Champagne Pouring Session

Now how would you feel about having your wedding on top at the tower. I would like it too. Only problem is the $$$.. XD

KL Tower View From Bottom

The KL Tower is super darn high. To say that I have been here twice is an understatement. Oh yeah, if you would want to visit the KL Tower at night, it’s only RM4.20 after 6pm as of press time. So, anyone wants to go up and take some shots one of these days??


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